Upper II Black Lives Matter Posters

I learnt that no matter what colour you are, you should have a right to do anything – 

Julia, UII (Year 5) 


Last week, we learnt about Black History Month. I particularly liked learning about John Agard. He wrote a poem called ‘Checking Out Me History’. The poem was about how he was never told about famous black people. 

Ishita, UII (Year 5) 


Whilst we were learning about Black History Month, we found out about lots of different people that changed the world. I found the story about Rosa Parks really outstanding, so we decided to do our poster about her. 

Luna, UII (Year 5) 


When I learned about John Agard’s poem, it made me want to find out more. I decided to research black history, as it was shocking that some extraordinary people were never celebrated during their lives. So when our teacher said we were making posters, I was so pleased and decided to start making it immediately – 

Shriya, UII (Year 5)