The wellbeing of our students is central to our Nursery experience.

Developing meaningful connections between peers and with teachers helps to create deep learning links. We seek to nurture these core skills and attributes in our students, and particularly in their relationships, resilience, independence and self-care.

We encourage the children to express their choices and preferences in a healthy manner as well as showing developing consideration of the needs of others. We also seek to nurture a sense of identity and awareness of culture in our immediate and wider community. Care is at the heart of our relationships with one another and the environment in all that we do in our Nursery.

One of our main aims is to nurture a partnership between home and school; families are a child’s first educator and we hope to build upon these firm foundations in the homely context of Knell House. Each student’s learning and development is documented through their individual Learning Journey which is available to the children and their families in the form of a physical record as well as our online platform Tapestry, to which we encourage parents to add their own observations. Regular communications with parents and families through formal reporting, parents’ meetings and regular reflection of a child’s Learning Journey form part of our connection between home and school, enhanced by day to day informal interactions too.