The Abbey Nursery is a place of indoor and outdoor learning and adventure. Set in the backdrop of Christ Church, the Nursery boasts incredible outdoor space, including all-weather surfaces, playgrounds and nature trails.

Within the Nursery itself, girls are treated to spacious rooms, enabling them to explore their learning in comfort and allowing freedom to express themselves. Their first steps in education are supported by expert, friendly teachers who guide each child through their exciting daily activities

We prefer to keep to small groups – enabling us to focus on the needs of that child at that moment- developmental milestones have typical patterns but every child is an individual, and our youngest learners are arguably the most open to learning.

Pre-Reception year

  • Phonics is developed through oracy and aural skills, knowledge of sounds is developed through our listening skills
  • As well as opportunities to develop Mathematics through practical activities as we begin to make connections with a number in the everyday
  • Developing meaningful connections between peers and with teachers to create deep learning links- part of our nurturing environment
  • Core skills; self-management,  resilience (bounce back), independence
  • Joy of learning and personal interests are nurtured and explored through continuous provision as well as targeted and responsive planning.
  • Opportunities created to evoke inspiration through awe, wonder and curiosity.
  • Celebration of self as we make choices and preferences known, expressing these in a healthy manner as well as showing developing consideration of the needs of others. Care is at the heart of our relationships with one another and the environment in all that we do at Nursery.
  • Celebration of identity as we begin to look at ourselves and our families.
  • Nurture a partnership between home and school- family are our first educator
  • Pre-Reception experience. developing core skills that benefit the transition to school.
  • Benefit from specialist expertise in Ballet, Music, PE and Drama
  • Introduced to Helicopter Stories- an opportunity to develop our skills as oral storytellers and relay our imagination to peers. This happens with increasing confidence and fluency as the year progresses.
  • Our language-rich environment encourages the development and progression of all learners.