Our curriculum is guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage. Students develop core skills in Communication and Language as well as their Physical Development.

We aim high to support your child’s academic and personal development, with a daily focus on literacy and maths learning, alongside plentiful opportunities for social and emotional growth.

Our language-rich environment encourages the development and progression of all learners. Initial work on Phonics is developed through oracy and aural skills; a knowledge of sounds is developed through our listening skills. ‘Helicopter Stories’ are just one creative opportunity to develop the children’s skills as oral storytellers and relay our imagination to peers. This happens with increasing confidence and fluency as the year progresses.

Developing Maths skills through daily practical activities encourages connections to be made with numbers in everyday life, as well as structured tasks and learning activities.

Learning and Teaching are approached through a balance of whole class, small group activities and one-to-one working – enabling us to focus on the needs of each child at that time; developmental milestones may well have typical patterns, but every child is supported as an individual.

Our curriculum is enriched with excursions within our local community, from a walk to the shops, to engaging with local resources such as Reading’s Museum of English Rural Life (MERL). Students across the school, including Nursery, engage in form assemblies as well as a year group production, giving students the chance to speak on stage in front of an audience. Benefiting from the facilities and teaching expertise of specialist teachers including Ballet, Music, Sport (including Swimming) and Drama, our students enjoy a full and varied experience.