The Magic of Musical Moments at the Junior School

Over the past month or so, the Junior School Music department have been delighted to return to live musical performances. 

Each year group, from Upper Prep to Lower III, has held a ‘Musical Moment’ on a Monday or Tuesday morning and there have been so many students wishing to play in front of their peers and teachers. 

There has been a wide range of music from a variety of genres performed on many different instruments. These mini concerts have proved a popular way to start the day and the music department will be continuing to offer them to these year groups over the coming months, giving the opportunity for as many pupils as possible to take part! Here are some observations from the students about how things have gone so far.

 ‘We all felt nervous at the start but watching other people made us feel more confident. If they can do it, so can we. 

We enjoyed playing our violins and listening to the other performances.

 With this experience of playing the violin in front of the whole year group we feel that next time we would be ready to play again. We felt so proud and pleased after the performance.’

Neave, Aanya and Debbie, Upper One (Y4) 

‘I enjoyed this because it was calming to listen to live music.’ Saiba, Upper Prep (Year 2) 

‘I felt proud of them because they were being brave.’ Amba, Upper Prep (Year 2)

 ‘I really liked watching my friends play.’ Niesha, Upper Prep (Year 2) 

I felt a bit shy and scared but afterwards I felt happy and proud of myself.’ Saee, Upper Prep (Year 2)