Changing the lives of those whose potential is far greater than their financial means.

In order to continue to provide opportunities for bright and able girls who are unable to afford an Abbey education, we have launched a new comprehensive bursary Fund. The 1887 Fund enables many more girls to have access to an outstanding Abbey education.

Diversity has always been one of the great strengths of the School, giving it breadth and richness. We also know from experience that a rich diversity of ideas stimulates greater creativity, innovation and new ways of thinking.

By enriching our classrooms with intelligent girls from a range of backgrounds, with different perspectives, we foster new approaches to problem-solving and instil a challenging, enquiring mind-set. All our girls are encouraged to know themselves and understand their potential for further growth and development.

What is an Abbey 1887 Scholar?

The Abbey will offer means-tested bursaries to those girls who have qualified for an offer but need financial assistance to be able to take up the offer.

The 1887 Fund was launched to recognise pupils who would be eligible for academic and/or specialist recognition via the traditional scholarship system and/or those parents (for example, alumnae parents, etc.) where a targeted percentage fee reduction would help them place their daughters at The Abbey for their education.

The 1887 Fund will widen access by a board range of girls to a quality education, which is so important to unlocking the doors of future opportunity.

As a former direct grant grammar and assisted places STEM school, The Abbey understands the importance of widening access and we are committed to increasing financial assistance to families with donated funds.

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