Swimming is a life skill and so it has been vitally important for us to ensure that we get it back on the curriculum in a safe way.

It is great to be back in our lovely 25m School pool and for everyone to be rebuilding their water confidence and enjoying their swimming again.

It was also exciting this week to have our first fixture competing against LVS School, away in Ascot. Our older students dominated their races and this served as great practice for some of the biathletes competing soon at the National Championships, and it was wonderful to be starting up inter-school competition again. Everyone enjoys the camaraderie of travelling away as a team to an event with different aged girls; allowing an opportunity for the Lower III students to show some leadership and nurturing towards those in Lower I and Upper I.

Pippa & Araliya, the swimming captains thanked the opposition for ‘hosting a great gala’ and went on, with another Lower III, Ipek, to express how lovely it was to be back in the water; with the squad, and how they hoped there would be more galas to come.