The Abbey is open virtually to students and staff.

A few members of staff are at School ensuring that students of key workers are being provided for over this period.
Please contact us for any questions you may have concerning this unusual period facing the School and the UK at [email protected]

The Abbey Annual Fund criteria

The Abbey Annual Fund criteria

The Abbey Annual Fund is a discretionary financial Award made to Departments at The Abbey (includes both the Junior and Senior Schools) annually, upon application, to encourage innovative and wide-ranging involvement of the pupils/staff in activities that foster an enhanced educational output.

● The Annual Fund Awards are made at the sole discretion of The Head and need to be applied for in the autumn term annually.

● The Annual Fund Awards recipients will be expected to participate in Marketing and PR activities with the School and are expected (within reason) to agree to make themselves (staff/pupils/departments) available for comment and to give public evidence of the impact of this Award on the pupils and on the board general educational output of The Abbey.

We have introduced the Annual Fund Award to support departments with innovation and broad educational impact with our pupils as the main goals.

These Awards will be made annually upon application from applying departments/ staff.

In exceptional circumstances the Annual Fund may be used by The Head to provide assistance to a pupil/s in the School, enabling a special educational benefit that they would not ordinarily be able to afford.

Staff in the applying departments are expected to support and encourage the pupils to interact with these innovations to enhance their educational output.