Junior School Sports Captains 2020/2021

Recent House Captain elections led the Junior School to congratulate four LIII students as our new Sports Captains for 2020/21. 

Riya is the Paget Captain, who is keen to inspire everyone to do more sport. 

Annabelle is very excited to take up her role for Carrington and is pleased and proud to be representing her House. She’s also eager to wear her shiny sports captain badge when it comes. 

Ducat’s sports captain is Yasmina, who aims to encourage all the younger girls to enjoy participating in sport. 

Evie, for Kensington, is keen to keep everyone active, to all be healthy and no laziness. These are four of the most competitive girls in Year 6, keen to go head to-head, but most of all wanting everyone to have fun and to get outside being active. They aim to do this together as they say, “teamwork makes the dream work.” 

The House election results were definitely received with more dignity than recently in the US. Thank you to everyone for putting themselves forwards and those girls that just missed out will be able to assist as sports leaders throughout the year if they’re keen to do so. 

Initially, due to Covid restrictions, captains won’t be able to physically lead in other year groups, but can help with the organisation and are excited to be having their first Sports Captains’ meeting with the PE department in order to share their ideas and build a plan of action. Some inter-house fun and competition sounds just what’s needed. 

Carrington – Annabelle 

Kensington – Evie 

Paget – Riya 

Ducat -Yasmina