Sixth Form Assembly on Powerful Black Women

This week, Lower VI Historians gave an assembly about Powerful Black Women across History. 

Making an assembly on this topic was particularly interesting, as stories of forgotten characters involved in Black History have been brought to light, meaning researching and presenting our findings regarding these inspirational characters, was all the more exciting. It was challenging to present via a camera instead of to an audience but we engaged well with the new way of presenting and we were commended for our efforts. 

We themed our assembly around influential Black Women from the last century, including Mary Seacole, Winnie Mandela, Mae C. Jeminson, Madam C. J. Walker and Harriet Tubman. All of these women were highly significant, each making several important contributions to the rich history of the world. Mae C. Jemison, for example, was the first African American woman to travel to space, inspiring many other African Americans to get involved in engineering, astronomy and sciences. 

Meanwhile, Mary Seacole was a successful nurse who saved numerous lives throughout her time. Winnie Mandela, sadly usually ignored because of her husband’s celebrated life, was a prominent South African civil rights activist. One parallel that can be drawn between each of these women is that they each displayed determination, perseverance and strength in the face of adversity, which is what we aimed to teach our fellow students through our assembly presentation. 

Anabelle, Lower VI (Year 12)