Sinead Hunter, 2001

Sinead Hunter is a qualified executive coach working in a global professional services firm and living in Switzerland with her husband and young family. She leads a boutique coaching practice, specialising in supporting working parents and women returning to work, and is the co-founder of The Alpine Collective, a small business network for hospitality businesses in France and Switzerland. 

Since I left in 2001 I have lived in Glasgow, Paris, London, The French Alps and now Zurich and worked in over 20 countries. I always wanted to travel and working in Professional Services has given me some incredible opportunities. Now I am based in one place, Switzerland where I live with my husband Darren and two little boys. 

I miss being surrounded by smart women! Life at The Abbey gives you an incredible advantage way beyond what you learn in the classroom. It is the relationships, the free thinking and the confidence you have to take your place in the world that makes it such a special place. And the chocolate crispy cake…. that was heaven. 

I am very proud of the life my husband and I have created for ourselves and our boys in Zurich. It was a really tough move. He gave up his career to become a stay at home parent for our children and we left behind a great community of friends in France, where we did speak the language (thank you Madame Downes) to move to Zurich where we knew no one and didn’t speak a word of German. We had to adapt fast to the culture, the language, the famous Swiss “rules” and to the change in our home setup. It was hard but now, in our third year here and with plans to stay long term, it was all worth it.

The advice I would pass on to the Abbey students is, from the words of the incredible Dolly Parton, ” Find out who you are and do it on purpose”