Biology is the study of life itself, drawing together the threads of evolution and interdependency to deliver a deep understanding of life on earth. Studying biology opens doors to careers that have the potential to advance the state of life, through medicine, research, exploration or conservation.

In UIII and LIV the emphasis is on developing skills, confidence in the laboratory and a love of the subject. The pupils learn how to use a microscope, as well as learning about the seven characteristics of life and comparing them in organisms from the five different kingdoms. In UIII, the course includes looking at Amoeba and Volvox and studying movement, sensitivity and nutrition. In LIV, pupils compare growth and reproduction in the plant and animal kingdoms, grow bacteria on agar plates and investigate bread dough rising due to the action of yeast. Pupils have plenty of opportunity to use creative skills producing posters, cartoons and models.

In UIV (Year 9) pupils are put into smaller groups and are set across the three sciences, studying the Edexcel International GCSE course. Science is a core curriculum subject for GCSE, with pupils either doing 3 Separate Science GCSEs or the Double Award Science. Pupils are able to proceed to A level or IB Biology from either route.