Festival of Inquiry

Please click through to our Virtual Events page - and register your interest for our ‘Festival of Inquiry’ - a celebration of online learning for those with curious, inquisitive and inquiring minds. There will be a daily selection of tasks and challenges - ranging from ‘Shark Attack in Science’ to ‘The Great Fire of London Art creation’.

Festival of Inquiry - 23-27 November (for ages 6-11 years old)

Winter Wonder Week - 30 November - 4 December (for ages 3-5 years old)

Welcome from the Director of Sixth Form: Brendan Fanning

The Sixth Form at The Abbey is a community within the school that offers a transition to independent life and study at university. Students have more autonomy over their learning and we encourage a can-do approach to pursue their goals. Students across the Sixth Form mix in the Common Room and in their vertical tutor groups, taking opportunities to learn from each others’ experiences. There is no uniform in the Sixth Form though there are guidelines and students wear Black and White on formal occasions.

Abbey Sixth Formers lead the school. The officer team have wide-ranging responsibilities across the school; clubs, volunteering, sport, drama and music all benefit from leadership. Socially, students enjoy a number of activities, including ice-skating and Christmas shopping in London and a summer day out. They mark their final year with a sleepover in the Common Room, organising fun fundraising activities and a memorable Leavers’ Ball.

At the core of the Sixth Form is the desire to produce happy, determined and positive individuals. It is a place where students are actively encouraged to flourish and find their full potential. All the staff working in the Sixth Form offer students a tailored and highly specialised level of teaching, academic and pastoral support, as students develop their individual talents and engagement with the world.

Year on year, Abbey students achieve places at top universities and the buzz of extra-curricular life helps shape young adults into mature members of twenty-first century society.

Brendan Fanning - Director of Sixth Form