Designed to provide a comprehensive coverage of all aspects of Business, the IB Business Management programme introduces students to the theory of Business along with extensive practical application of those ideas. This is achieved by monitoring and evaluating current news stories as well as following several companies in detail over a two year period.The Volkswagen scandal is a perfect case in point. The programme is delivered via a combination of lecture style discussions and debates and students are encouraged to develop a Business style vocabulary at an early stage. Experience shows that within a few short weeks of commencing the programme, students are able to start articulating their ideas effectively and stories in the news that were previously inexplicable are quickly understood and evaluated. 

Beyond Sixth Form - Business Management is widely accepted by universities and employers. Many Abbey girls go on to take the subject at university and it can open up opportunities in Management, Retailing, Marketing, Sales, Accountancy, Research, the Civil Service and Consultancy. Business Management can be useful in many other subjects and careers because of the range of transferable skills learnt.

Syllabus Content - The IB Business Management syllabus overs the four principal areas of Business – Human Resource Management, Finance & Accounts, Marketing and Operations Management – inked through the application of six core conceptual ideas – Strategy, Innovation, Culture, Ethics, Globalisation and Change. Students are encouraged to consider theoretical ideas in light of the core concepts, as well as applying the ideas in a practical and contextual way. Students will develop detailed research skills to complement their learning. If the Higher Level option is selected, additional topics in each of he principle areas will be covered which are designed to extend their learning.

Assessment - Formal assessment occurs throughout the two year programme. At the end of the first year, students will sit an internal examination that will assess their learning. Students will undertake an Internal Assessment (IA) at the beginning of the second year, which allows them to take ideas that particularly interest them and apply them to a real company issue. The nature and depth of the IA will depend on whether the student chooses the Standard or Higher Level option for the programme. Depending on their choice, students may also prepare an Extended Essay on a Business topic. At the end of the second year, students will sit two examination papers. Paper 1 (SL – 1hr 15 mins; HL – 2hrs 15mins) is based on an advanced issue case study and additional material supplied. Paper 2 (SL – 1hr 45mins; HL – 2hrs 15mins) is based upon stimulus material supplied along with an additional section that requires students to respond to a conceptual focus question using knowledge of one of the companies that they ave been researching in detail throughout the programme.

In the Lower Sixth, girls are able to create their own businesses as part of the Young Enterprise Programme. Teams from The Abbey have had much success and even got through to the South East Finals in the past! Click here to find out more about Young Enterprise, and see the gallery below for examples of previous companies set up by Abbey girls.