A Level results 2020

Will le Fleming, Head:

“We are very proud of the results attained by all our students. We are pleased that in the great majority of cases our students’ hard work and dedication during their time at The Abbey has been recognised in the standardisation process and we congratulate them as they continue their learning journey at leading universities around the UK.

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At the Abbey we understand that each student has her own unique mix of qualities, aptitudes and interests. Having embarked on their chosen A Level or IB programme, each student is carefully advised and supported. We guide and encourage our students to embrace a truly ‘work hard/play hard’ approach to life, and to embrace the opportunities on offer.

Applying to university

Most of our students wish to proceed to academic university courses, either immediately after leaving school or, for some, after a gap year.

We support our students along their path to university every step of the way. Our only aim is to ensure that each student finds the right route, and that they should be both happy and successful in their life at school and beyond.

We provide rigorous and tailored individual advice to students throughout their time in Sixth Form (and beyond, if they take a gap year and apply later). The right amount of time is devoted to UCAS applications in order to maximise students' chances of successful acceptance to the course of their choice. The tutor group system (in which Upper and Lower Sixth Form girls are combined) gives invaluable insight into the UCAS system for the Lower Sixth. Teachers support the preparation of personal statements, and the school has a strong reputation with key universities for the provision of detailed and accurate references and grade predictions for each student. The Sixth Form team has deep and detailed knowledge of courses, institutions and procedures for applying to higher education in the UK and overseas; in recent years several students in each year have chosen to study outside the UK system, in the Netherlands, the United States and beyond.

‘The support, guidance and expertise offered by The Abbey to their students and anxious parents as they struggle through the university application process is outstanding. It's an incredible strength of the school and one which we and our daughters have valued enormously.’ (quotation from the parents of a recent leaver)


Every year, former students and visiting speakers generously give their time in the form of many informal talks about their experiences of higher education, careers, and gap years. There is also a more formal Higher Education Evening, special assistance for medicine/dentistry/veterinary science applicants, and an Oxford/Cambridge programme. All these provide detailed information and motivation for our Sixth Formers. Many former students and others return to the Abbey to give our students the benefit of their experience and expert advice at our biannual Higher Education and Careers Conference, and always speak very fondly of their time here.


Thanks to their excellent qualifications and, we hope, the advice they have received, the majority of our students receive offers from most of the universities to which they apply, and the list of destinations and courses is impressive. The study skills the students have learned in Sixth Form prove invaluable at degree level and there is virtually no drop-out, with most attaining first or upper-second class degrees.

Please find below the Destinations of Leavers.