Careers and University Advice and Guidance

Careers and University

Ages 11- 14

All through their school life, girls at The Abbey take part in a range of activities which help them to learn about themselves and their potential roles in wider society. They will begin to explore different career options and gain an awareness of how they can start to research and plan various career paths. Lower IV and Upper IV pupils will focus on GCSE options and making appropriate subject choices should they already have thoughts on career direction.

In Upper IV parents and students will be invited to an Introduction Evening to start their 'Way Ahead' programme. Each student has the opportunity to complete a psychometric test, using the well-established Morrisby framework. At that stage we offer a three way interview with parent, student and teacher to establish plans and goals with regard to career decisions. Next steps will be identified as we start to build your daughter's portfolio of careers information and guidance. Talks are delivered in our Aspire Lecture series covering a broad range of career sectors relating to academic subjects and industry sectors. Examples to date are 'Is Geography really used in the work place?' and 'Using modern languages in your career' and time will be spent investigating career sectors for example at our 'Engineering Day' in Upper IV.

Ages 14-16

We hold a biennial Careers Fair for all girls throughout the school, inviting employers from a wide range of industries and job types, as well as a number of university representatives. This can help girls in Lower V and Upper V start to think about their A Level or IB Diploma options. Girls are also invited to the Sixth Form Open Day and a taster day is scheduled to allow each Upper V student to participate in Sixth Form lessons and activities. We have a Subject Fair in school where girls can address their interests and concerns directly to teachers in all the different subject options available both at A Level and IB. We help and support your daughter to make appropriate choices in subjects, keeping options open for decisions made later. We aim to ensure that students have complete knowledge of the various subjects and are able to make properly informed choices.

Ages 16-18+

University applications can be a daunting experience for students and their parents but we try to take the pain and stress out of this by preparing the girls well in advance. In Lower VI we invite girls and their parents to an 'Introduction to Higher Education' evening. Visits to taster days at universities are always popular, offering as they do a good insight into university life as well as academic study. We offer impartial advice on courses and university selection and each girl is assigned a mentor to take them though the entire UCAS application process, with particular help on producing a good Personal Statement. We also have our alumnae networking site 'The Abbey Connect' where girls can connect with alumnae to ask for advice on universities and careers or to find relevant work experience. We run workshops and seminars on important skills such as interviewing and CV writing and offer coaching and mentoring to ensure those “soft skills” are at their optimum level.