Aspire programme

We are committed to preparing every Abbey student to lead a productive and fulfilling life in today's fast-paced and swiftly changing world. A strong academic performance is one of the cornerstones but equally as important is the work we do with the girls to identify their aspirations and dreams for their life ahead and make sure they have the tools with which to fulfil those ambitions. Our extensive extra-curricular programme promotes resilience and builds character and leadership skills and we aim to develop values, skills and behaviour that will help girls to get on in life. They also need to be well-informed and to receive impartial advice that ensures they go on from education fully rounded and with a strong understanding of the wider working world and society.

The journey to a productive and satisfying career has many challenges. We support your daughter at the key stages such as GCSE choices, A Level selection or embarking on the International Baccalaureate Diploma. We encourage girls to set themselves ambitious targets, furnishing them with the appropriate skill sets and academic record to follow their chosen course with confidence. Our knowledge of each girl's aspirations means that we can support their university applications with their dreams in mind. However, most young people do not know what they want to do once they leave school or university and that is perfectly normal, the key is to develop skillsets that are robust and transferable and will be of value across a range of careers. We educate the girls to spot opportunities, research careers and understand how to promote and protect themselves in the competitive world of work. We source the most up to date information regarding university courses, apprenticeship programmes, labour market information and recruitment practices so that our students are always in the best possible place to make informed decisions about their career, now and for the future.


Women in Business, led by Sam Bramwell of Microsoft and winner of Venus Awards Manager of the Year 2017

Putting Yourself Forward - Self-marketing in a digital age, led by Jasbir Sihota

Applying to study medicine and science and Careers in medicine and science, led by Dr Lisa Walker - admissions tutor at Balliol College, University of Oxford


Universities in the Modern Age led by Professor Sir Drummond Bone - Master of Balliol College, Oxford

Just make the start line, led by endurance runner and Physiotherapist Anna Boniface

Law: University and Careers, led by Alex Robinson - Trainee Solicitor, Hedges Law, Oxford

Science and Magic in Medieval England, led by Professor Anne Lawrence-Mathers