Whatever path students choose after Sixth Form, they will have to engage in the political world, and Global Politics at The Abbey is a fantastic place to start or further the understanding of the political world around you. 

Global Politics is an IB diploma course that explores the politics behind the world around you by looking at some of the most interesting and recent changes from all across the world. Throughout the course students will have the chance to develop their knowledge of the role of politics in everyday life, work with political concepts and ideas and develop key skills such as essay writing, independent academic research and presenting. 

Students can take Global Politics at Standard Level and Higher and share lessons. Both sets of students get to explore the four main units: Foundation Unit (which gives all students a comprehensive introduction to the course), Peace and Conflict, Development and Human Rights. Those who take the subject at Higher Level will have the chance to carry more in depth, independent research into topics related to Borders, Health, Poverty, Identity, Environment and Security to produce a presentation based on their findings. 

Lessons are lively and fun with lots of engagement and discussion, offering members of the class insightful and captivating areas of content to reflect on. 

Welcome from Head of Department – Dr Phillip Gannon

Global Politics at The Abbey as seen through the eyes of our students: