Festival of Inquiry

Please click through to our Virtual Events page - and register your interest for our ‘Festival of Inquiry’ - a celebration of online learning for those with curious, inquisitive and inquiring minds. There will be a daily selection of tasks and challenges - ranging from ‘Shark Attack in Science’ to ‘The Great Fire of London Art creation’.

Festival of Inquiry - 23-27 November (for ages 6-11 years old)

Winter Wonder Week - 30 November - 4 December (for ages 3-5 years old)

Welcome to the Senior School

This is an exciting stage in your daughter’s life. A time of transformation, discovery, rising to new challenges and building new friendships. It’s also a time of challenge as girls become young women and begin to step into an uncertain, complex and competitive world as individuals.

At The Abbey Senior School, our team of dedicated experts are here to nurture, inspire and support you and your daughter every step of the way. From the moment she arrives through our doors, we want your daughter to feel at home, making the transition from junior to senior school as comforting as it is stimulating and wondrous.

Here, academic achievement is not the destination; the journey is the most important part. So, although our students achieve outstanding academic results, this is a consequence of our focus on building happy, free-thinking, confident learners throughout every aspect of school life – and beyond.

We encourage students to take ownership of their learning, fostering independence and growing their self-awareness. We know that this equips them to move successfully through the Senior school, to university, and to take up roles in a wide variety of careers.

We seek to provide a ‘real-world’ education that goes outside the classroom to offer a myriad of opportunities for students to explore, identify and cultivate their passions. Far from being a blank canvas, every individual arrives with a rich palette of her own unique colours – and we encourage her to embrace them in all their glory. Our exceptional co-curricular provision sets us apart: whatever your daughter’s enthusiasm, there will be an activity just right for her and lots of new things to try.

As your daughter reaches the Sixth Form, she will have become an independent, self-aware young woman who is prepared to follow her own path, and who possesses the skills and resilience to cope with the curve balls that life will inevitably throw.

Above all, The Abbey is about creating happy, balanced pupils who treasure their school days.

An open door and a warm welcome await you.