Welcome from the Head of the Senior School: Jan Cresswell

This is an exciting stage in your daughter’s life; she will join us ready to enjoy new experiences and face new challenges. By the time she reaches the Sixth Form, she will have become a confident young woman, sure of her strengths and considered in her beliefs, poised to take her place in the world. The transition is wonderful and it is a joy to share her journey. There will be much laughter along the way, lasting friendships created and a myriad of enriching opportunities taken. Care for the girls underpins all we do and we build strong links with you as parents too. So when the tricky teenage moments occur, as they will, there is all the support you and your daughter need. Above all, The Abbey is about creating happy, balanced pupils who relish their school days.

Inspiring teaching and a stimulating environment offer our hard-working girls a route to outstanding academic success and your daughter will become part of a community which prizes intellectual courage. Our skill is in enabling her to identify and cultivate her passion, in whichever field that might be.

Far from being a blank canvas, your daughter joins us with a rich palette of her own colours. We recognise the unique qualities of each of our girls and we celebrate their individual talents. Abbey girls are reflective thinkers, creative problem-solvers, curious learners and energetic performers. Our exceptional co-curricular provision sets us apart: whatever your daughter’s enthusiasm, there will be an activity just right for her and lots of new things to try.

An open door and a warm welcome await you.

Jan Cresswell

Head of The Abbey Senior School