Roman Day

Upper I (Year 4) enjoyed a fun-filled Roman day on Tuesday with a range of activities planned to enhance their Unit of Inquiry this half term.

These included a workshop led by ‘Boudicca’, Roman food tasting, designing and creating a mosaic and a Roman themed PE session. It was wonderful to see the efforts that everyone made to look the part.

I loved Roman day because we got to dress up and playing with my sword was fun. I learnt that Romans ate lots of fruit including grapes. I also liked eating the dates as they were sweet! Playing with Boudica was also fun (but she was a bit too loud for my liking). I was glad that I got a picture with my shield. Overall the day was very enjoyable.
Amy Upper I

It was fun when we worked with Boudica and played a Roman game called ‘guess the god’. In PE, we marched like the Roman Army.
Meiyu Upper I

Roman day was brilliant. Absolutely unforgettable. I have two favourite bits.The first one was the food tasting.I was brave and tried a huge raisin (dates) and some chickpeas (that make hummus) Olives too (my favourite). Then there was the workshop which I loved. A woman came screaming into the Space, and claimed that she was Boudicca, queen of the Iceni tribe.
Nona Upper I

My favourite bit was the Roman Workshop because I liked learning about the founding of Rome .
Emma Upper I