Reading to Zimbabwe Challenge-Completed!

 Huge well done to everyone who participated in the Reading to Zimbabwe challenge. We chose Zimbabwe as it is connected to our School charity, Creating Better Futures.

When this started out I was not sure that we would make the 7810 miles that we needed to get to Zimbabwe, but how wrong I was! By week three we were in Zimbabwe, so we decided to turn around and come back again. I knew that if we kept the same momentum up that we should just about make it back in time for half term. Not only have we managed to do this, we have surpassed our total target of 15620 miles. Using our conversion chart, miles and bonus miles we have actually completed 24205 miles and I am sure there are still more to be added!

This is a fantastic achievement and one that many members of the School community engaged with. It was lovely to look at the totals going up for each House and Year Group and to see some competitiveness coming through. As of 2pm today, Thursday 11th February, I can confirm that UIII have completed the most miles with a huge 5707 miles and Carrington House are currently leading with most with 6340 miles, although throughout this morning the House in the lead has changed five times!

There were 5 optional bonus challenges that were created along the way and many people completed these. Some of the highlights included:

– Obstacle courses in the snow and around the house

– The commitment to exercising every day for RED January

-The PE department creating an escape room video

– Dogs attempting to jump over hurdles

– Dr Bellamy’s Poetry and PE challenge

– Much laughter and toilet rolls flying all over the place when people were attempting to jump over them


Miss Cath Venning

Reading to Zimbabwe Co-ordinator