Pause 4 Thought

24 January 2020

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” Robert Brault

We started this week by saying ‘Goodbye’ and a huge ‘Thank you!’ to Mrs Owen. In her leaving assembly the girls sang and acted in her honour and presented her with her very own child-sized penguin to take home. They are worried that the baby might have to fight for her attention…..

Sometimes it is only when we lose something, or someone, that we appreciate just how much they mean to us – for us as a school community, we were prompted to reflect and acknowledge all that Mrs Owen has done for the school, and to appreciate her kindness, care and commitment to the girls. In turn, Mrs Owen recognised that she also was saying ‘Farewell’ with gratitude, and left us with the thought (sometimes attributed to A.A. Milne) that:

“How lucky I am to have someone and something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Whether or not A.A. Milne did write those words,  his characters do have much to teach us about Gratitude. In my assembly I told the story of Eeyore’s birthday, in which the honey and balloon meant to be presents from Pooh and Piglet, are presented as an empty pot (due the hunny having been eaten) and a piece of floppy plastic on a string (due to an accident en route). However, we read that when they left him:

‘(Eeyore) was taking the balloon out, and putting it back again, as happy as could be… ‘

It doesn’t matter to Eeyore that Piglet meant to give him an inflated balloon and Pooh meant to give him a pot of honey for his birthday and what he got was a popped balloon and an empty pot. He enjoys his gifts and was full of gratitude because his friends thought to give them to him.