Well done to all our IB students 2020

You may be delighted to learn that our IB students have, in this strangest of years, achieved a fabulous set of results.

Highlights include:

av point score = 39 (Global av = 30)

52% of candidates scored 40 or more

87% of HL (higher level) grades are at 6 or 7

1 candidate scored a full 45 points

Very high av core score (extended essay, theory of knowledge, creativity/activity/service) of 2.3

90% of students into high ranking first choice Universities, with 3 students into Oxbridge

Wide range of courses at destination universities: psychology, aerospace engineering, medicine, commercial management & quantity surveying, English Literature, PPE, child nursing

Outcomes such as these wouldn't be possible without the vast amounts of effort and care that our staff have provided to these students, not just during the last couple of years, but throughout their time at the Abbey School. Well done to everyone involved.

Please contact us if you would like to join us and be a part of a fabulous Sixth Form IB or A-level programme in 2020/21 at [email protected]

Upper Preparatory and Lower Juniors (Year 2 - Year 4)

During these years, the girls really relish their growing capabilities and self-awareness, throwing themselves into all that school has to offer them, both inside and outside the classroom. Their play and friendships become more complex, as they explore relationships and individual differences, and they become ‘expert’ at using school and teachers to full advantage. These are often the halcyon days of childhood and a joy to share.

The move across to Kensington (the main Junior School site) at the beginning of Upper Preparatory (Year 2) is an exciting time for the girls. During a busy year the girls become increasingly independent in their learning and develop greater resilience when facing challenges. Much of the curriculum is integrated, enabling the girls to make connections between different areas of their learning. There is also a much wider range of lunchtime clubs to get involved in - from arts and crafts to making mud pies!

Lower I (Year 3), allows the girls to experience many things they’ve been looking forward to. They get to have a pencil case, which is no small issue, for the first time and have Science in the Lab whilst wearing their lab coat! Another highlight is their first residential, an opportunity for one night away from home. Girls are introduced to even more specialist teachers this year, with a wide and varied curriculum. There are numerous opportunities for the girls to develop and showcase their many talents including form assemblies and year group production, which parents are invited to watch, as well as sporting fixtures for the first time.

Upper I (Year 4) sees even more opportunities for the girls as their learning develops and the pace of work picks up. The girls are challenged to apply their knowledge and understanding in diverse contexts and are encouraged to be open-minded and persevere with tasks and to be reflective and independent in their learning. The curriculum is also enhanced by a wide range of visits, workshops and their three day residential stay. As well as supporting work done in class, this trip benefits girls in many other ways – learning to live alongside each other, team building and encouraging healthy friendships. After a busy year they look forward to the next steps of their journey at The Abbey - at the top of the Junior School in Somerleaze.