Festival of Inquiry

Please click through to our Virtual Events page - and register your interest for our ‘Festival of Inquiry’ - a celebration of online learning for those with curious, inquisitive and inquiring minds. There will be a daily selection of tasks and challenges - ranging from ‘Shark Attack in Science’ to ‘The Great Fire of London Art creation’.

Festival of Inquiry - 23-27 November (for ages 6-11 years old)

Winter Wonder Week - 30 November - 4 December (for ages 3-5 years old)

Reception and Lower Preparatory (Year 1)

No longer a small child, the 4 to 6 year old is energetic and increasingly competent – it is a delight to see their unfolding wonder at the world and to share their satisfaction as they discover their potential. These years see the girls exploring the joys of reading, choosing their own playmates and, importantly, learning how to ‘use’ school and all that it has to offer. Each child’s journey is very different though, and we need to support and guide without the burden of expectations; a time to trust our children and let them take their time and make their own discoveries.

Our Reception girls join us in Abbey Gardens where attributes of independence and resilience are heightened, with girls being encouraged to develop skills of learning as well as developing their knowledge of the world around them. Curiosity and enquiry based learning are at the core of our teaching and principles. Throughout this year, our pupils progress from a predominantly play based curriculum to more formal learning experiences in preparation for their transition to Lower Preparatory (Year 1). Reception also marks the start of our formal reading programme for our pupils; this is closely supported by a Parents’ Evening introducing Literacy teaching and learning to our families.

Lower Prep is an exciting next step in our girls' learning journey. The girls enjoy a cross-curricular approach in their learning as they continue to explore core skills explored in Reception, developing these further in a wide range of tasks and contexts. The girls are also introduced to specialist teaching in Music and PE, and in the summer term begin swimming lessons at the Senior School. Lower Prep is also the first opportunity that girls get to enjoy lunchtime clubs, from Key Stage 1 Choir to Nature Detectives.