Festival of Inquiry

Please click through to our Virtual Events page - and register your interest for our ‘Festival of Inquiry’ - a celebration of online learning for those with curious, inquisitive and inquiring minds. There will be a daily selection of tasks and challenges - ranging from ‘Shark Attack in Science’ to ‘The Great Fire of London Art creation’.

Festival of Inquiry - 23-27 November (for ages 6-11 years old)

Winter Wonder Week - 30 November - 4 December (for ages 3-5 years old)

Why choose The Abbey?

At The Abbey Junior School we encourage pupils to think broadly, as well as deeply, to make connections, and to develop attributes that go beyond intellectual development and academic success. We welcome students from a wide variety of cultures and nationalities and offer a bespoke, forward-looking approach to learning and teaching that is underpinned by a spirit of active inquiry, collaboration and international-mindedness.

Throughout their time at the Junior School, and beyond into The Senior School, girls continue to develop their skills as learners. Curiosity and inquiry-based learning are at the core of our teaching and principles, with a focus on the process of learning as much as on the outcome. The girls become increasingly independent in their learning and develop greater resilience and adaptability when facing challenges - ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you’. We know that this equips our students to be prepared to move on successfully to senior school, to university and to take up roles in a wide variety of careers.

We encourage our pupils to take ownership of their learning, fostering independence and growing self-awareness. A wide range of visits beyond the classroom promotes ‘real life’ learning and supports students to develop their sense of agency and confidence to take action.

In summary, we are in the business of caring for children’s happiness and development, and helping them to flourish, to achieve and to live lives of meaning in the coming years. We take this privilege very seriously and it brings us much enjoyment.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Abbey Junior School.

Nisha Kaura

Head of The Abbey Junior School