Welcome from the Head of the Junior School:

Nicola Dick-Cleland

Whether you join The Abbey at 3 years old or, as in my case, when you are much older, one is quickly integrated into a community that pulses with ‘life, living and learning’.

Girls are encouraged to embrace the opportunities available to them – we are lucky to benefit from being part of a whole School and having access to an impressive range of facilities and skills. Consequently there is an energy that results in the creation of an exciting learning environment, designed to equip girls with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they will need to flourish in the 21st century.

This momentum is evident in learning that is fast-paced and results in high academic achievement. Our teachers are committed to developing each girl and nurturing her potential: high expectations, quality teaching and notable pastoral care go hand in hand. We believe that depth and breadth of thinking and learning are essential, and our curriculum is designed to encourage this whilst ensuring that core skills are established.

We aim to educate in the fullest sense of the word – ‘to lead out’. Thus, we provide our pupils with a range of experiences to help girls to grow in awareness of themselves and of others, to explore unafraid what life has to offer and to begin to realise how they can make a contribution. Our Abbey Learner Profile articulates many of the characteristics that we believe are important qualities for young people to take with them into the world and we place great store in their development

We are in the business of caring for children’s happiness and development. We take this privilege very seriously and it brings us much enjoyment. I hope you will visit us soon.

Nicola Dick-Cleland - Head of the Junior School