Sixth Form News

The first Aspire lecture of the autumn term saw two inspirational women share their experiences of being in leadership. It promised to be a very interesting evening which would help girls when they make decisions for their futures.

The first speaker was Karen Lynch, who is the CEO of Belu Water Ltd. She spoke about the importance of finding something that you are good at and that you enjoy to do as a career, and about why women have not dominated leadership roles in the past. She also shared her experiences of the journey towards setting up her own company. She advised girls to “Have confidence, make decisions don’t dither, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, be brave.”

Her talk was very motivational and helped to demonstrate that if you find something that you are good at and work hard, you can succeed.

The second speaker, Susan Breau, Head of the School of Law at the University of Reading, spoke next. Beginning with stories of how her childhood experiences helped her to realise what she wanted to do in the future, she highlighted the fact that it is important to always do what you want to do, rather than what other people think would be best for you. She encouraged the girls saying: “Don’t take no for an answer, always make sure you are well prepared, there are no short cuts – you need to work hard to get to where you want to go.”

Overall, the evening was a great success, helping many girls to realise that as long as you are doing something that you enjoy, you can succeed if you are strong-minded and take risks. It was very inspirational to meet two extremely successful women who are clearly leaders in their fields.

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