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Meet the Team - Introducing Our New Sixth Form Officers

With the Summer Term well underway, the time has come to bid farewell to our current Sixth Form officers as they go off on exam leave and welcome in a new team of officers to lead the way for the 2018-19 School year.

Over the past two weeks, our current Upper VI officers have been gradually stepping back from their roles and handing over responsibility to their Lower VI successors, who have stepped up to the challenge with characteristic enthusiasm and aplomb.

This year, our new Head Girls Hannah and Lara will lead a team of no less than 68 officers, ranging from House Captains, Drama Captains and Sports Captains to Charity Prefects, Eco Prefects and an Enrichment Prefect. Together, they will work to ensure the smooth running of the Sixth Form and take on a range of responsibilities covering the whole School. Our Drama Captains, for example, will put on the Upper III pantomime in December, while our Junior School Liaison Prefects will act as intermediaries between our two sites, working with the younger girls on a regular basis.

For some time now, one of the biggest strengths of The Abbey Sixth Form has been the opportunities available to take on a position of responsibility – both an asset on a university application form and a real chance for personal growth. The officer system is such that Sixth Formers are even able to create and apply for roles which they feel passionate about but do not yet exist. In this way, the make-up of the team is constantly changing and evolving alongside the Sixth Form.

A huge thank you to our out-going officers for all your hard work, and congratulations to our new student leadership team!

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