Sixth Form News

Focused on developing and exploring a range of personal skills that will take them beyond The Abbey and into the wider world, our LVI recently enjoyed attending various different workshops and seminars as part of our Sixth Form Conference day. It was a full timetable indeed, with external speakers and members of staff discussing unique subjects as they utilised their own areas of expertise. The multitude of talks available to the girls spanned a vast array of topics, with everything from discussions on taking up the accordion in their spare time, to conflict management, entrepreneurship, resilience and even having a family.

 It was great to see the girls take the opportunity to engage with the diverse issues discussed throughout the workshops, and explore a little further into what they perceive for their futures. Moreover, honing valuable skills such as learning how to present yourself in interviews and building a persuasive CV will be invaluable to the girls as they progress forward in working life!

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