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On Tuesday 10 October the Physics department took 10 Upper IV girls to the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire to take part in a ‘Girls in Technology’ event, organised by STFC in collaboration with IBM. The day was designed to inspire Year 9 girls about the possibilities of a career in the technology industry.  The day included demonstrations of innovative technology, the opportunity to network with professionals, an interactive Arduino coding challenge and an innovation workshop with prizes. The girls found the day very inspiring and particularly enjoyed seeing 3D printing and taking home a 3D printed flexible fish! Read on to hear from one of the girls:

After arriving at this amazing lab, with a warm welcome to an introduction by STFC and IBM, we went on to perform our first activity: metrology. We viewed examples of 3-D printing outcomes which can be used as prototypes for upcoming projects. Some of these are put together in such a way that they are flexible such as the small fish we got to take home. We also were shown a machine that scans real objects that can't move while being scanned and Aarohi's face was scanned and this is transmitted onto the program ready to print. We next went on to have lunch deliciously prepared by the lab. Soon after we took part in programming and/using an Arduino and laptop we managed to build circuits to control systems. It was fun! One group however managed to overheat and fry their Arduino- it wasn't their fault! We next got to take part in an innovation workshop in which within our schools we had the chance to design a piece of technology to help with an everyday problem. Ours was called "SmartFridge". We got to present our ideas to all the other schools and it was exciting. The day was inspiring and very interesting and hopefully we will return again. 

Lila and Aarohi

For more photos of the trip, please click here.

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