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Our Upper III girls put on a magnificent show this week with their ever-entertaining Christmas pantomime – this year performing ‘Buttons’. A sequel to the well-known fairy-tale Cinderella, ‘Buttons’ is set after the ‘happy ever after’ (which didn’t quite work out).

The story began a year after Cinderella became Queen, and although everything appeared to be in order, the return of some familiar characters (in disguise) soon stirred up trouble for Cinderella and she was quickly back under the control of her evil stepmother. With Cinderella missing, Prince Charming looked for his Queen, searching the land for whoever would fit the glass slipper.

However, with a little help from the audience, the return of some new and familiar characters, and the flick of a wand, the girls proved that good can overcome evil and ‘happily ever after’ was restored.

Perfect comic-timing and excellent characterisation (helped out by some clever type-casting) made for a thoroughly entertaining performance and everyone involved - cast, crew and our very own Sixth Form directors - should be incredibly proud of themselves. Well done girls!

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