Senior School News

As part of a broader Community Arts Week, last week saw Senior School girls take to the stage to put on a stunning performance of C.S. Lewis’s Narnian classic, ‘The Voyage of the Dawn Treader', at South Street Arts Centre. For three consecutive nights, audiences were held captive by innovative staging, visually striking props and convincing performances as they joined the cast on their quest to the utter, utter East. 

Magically transported back to Narnia through an old painting that comes to life, the audience found themselves aboard a majestic dragon-ship called the Dawn Treader, captained by King Caspian. Along with Lucy, Edmund, their annoying cousin Eustace and Reepicheep the mouse, the audience embarked on a quest to the edge of the world in search of the seven lost Lords of Telmar. Encountering slave traders, invisible islanders and a lake that turned everything to gold along the way, the group eventually succeed in the quest to recover the lost lords. 

This was a truly exceptional production, testament to the hard work of all involved, and an incredibly fitting end to a wonderful week of performing arts. 

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