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SISTER ACT: Behind the Scenes

Stay up-to-date with the latest from our Sister Act rehearsals in this blog, written and updated by Kate in Lower V.

Rehearsal - 28/02/19

This rehearsal we had one song on our schedule: "Sunday Morning Fever". We had to rehearse the melody, recall our multitude of harmonies and finally learn the dance. We spent the first 30 minutes doing the former in the music rooms with Ms Brunton, after which we scuttled off to the dance studio to get our groove on. We had the help of the lovely Angela Knowlson who helped to choreograph the whole routine. She was very patient and capable, willing to repeat each move as many times as we needed. After an hour or so of shaking it with the sisters, we had more or less committed the moves to memory. Until next time, we'll be dancing up and down the corridors regardless of the fact it's not Sunday.

Rehearsal - 14/02/19

Thursday night was our final rehearsal before half term and we had planned a full run of Act 1, for the very first time. Onlookers watched in awe as Deloris opened the show with a particularly fabulous rendition of 'Fabulous Baby'. One by one, we drew each of the scenes together and tied the transition knots between them, trying not to forget our places and cues. We triumphantly conquered some of our biggest numbers, harmonies and actions included, sailing through the songs and succeeding in the scenes. After our first full run, a sense of completion flooded the Richards Hall as our show finally began to feel real.

Rehearsals - 29/01/2019 - 30/01/2019

This week on our schedule for rehearsals was to begin the choreography for the final number, 'Spread The Love'. We spent the Tuesday rehearsal learning the singing arrangements for this song and gradually committing it to memory so we would be properly prepped for Wednesday's dance session. The next day, we all went to the Richards Hall so we could begin our fabulous finale routine. Under Mrs Burn's capable instruction, we had a brilliant time choreographing our actions and movements to this upbeat song. It was admittedly a little difficult to do this with 30 'nuns' in a confined space, but we managed to do a great job at spreading the love around the Richards Hall with our marvellous moves. Our rehearsal ended in success and a positive outlook for the rest of our show.

Rehearsal - 22/01/2019

After two weeks of rehearsing songs in the music rooms and some scenes in the drama studios, this week we headed to the Richards Hall to begin piecing everything together. With the 'Take Me To Heaven' reprise learned, we were able to stage the scene and really get this show on the road! Our nun chorus, organised into our harmonies, burst into song (and possibly burst some eardrums) and proceeded up the aisles in a 'beautiful' rendition of The Perfect Place. Finally, we wrapped up the rehearsal, having staged one of our big choral pieces, with smiles from both staff and students.

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