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Senior School News

Self-defence classes give Chloé courage

There’s no challenge too great for martial art sportswoman Chloé who is celebrating after taking home a haul of medals after a recent Taekwondo tournament.

The 12-year-old pupil at The Abbey started taking part in martial arts when she was four years old, and joined a freestyle martial arts class. Since then she has moved on to Taekwondo, where she currently is a red belt white tag – with two grades to go before achieving her black belt.

Chloé said: “Taewkwondo helps teach you survival skills, independence, courage and perseverance. I really enjoy it. I first got into it because my mother started doing it in her late teens and she really enjoyed it. So when I was young she wanted me to try it to see if I would enjoy it.”

At a recent tournament in Southampton Chloé earned a gold medal for her form, another gold medal for her sparring and a silver trophy for board breaking. She did particularly well with the board breaking and broke boards meant for men, rather than girls. She was also commended for her strategy in sparring.

Chloé added: I really enjoy sparring. We wear lots of protective clothing and learn how to defend ourselves, so I don’t get hurt. Although I sometimes get a few bruises.”

She trains twice a week at Lewendon Taekwondo Academy in Reading.

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