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Last week, Lower IV had the pleasure of visiting Aachen at everyone’s favourite time of year, Christmas!  A short, cheerful trip on the EuroTunnel involved plenty of singing and dancing to various Christmas songs, a particular favourite being ‘All I want for Christmas’. On arrival, the girls braced the cold weather and enjoyed an open air German carol concert. This was followed by exploring the Aachen Christmas markets by night, where they were able to practice their German. Day two involved a visit to the Aachen Cathedral, where the girls were told of local legends. The remaining part of the day gave plenty of opportunity to speak as much German as possible as they tasted traditional German cuisine and visited the Christmas market by day. The evening arrived and the girls put on their dancing shoes for a lesson in Viennese waltz. The following morning the girls were greeted by a substantial amount of snow fall, making for a perfect start to their final day in Aachen. A visit to the Couven Museum and the Rathaus, followed by shopping for Christmas presents for family, rounded off a great trip!

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