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It may be a ‘tale as old as time’ but Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was the talk of the town as our tremendous cast and crew put on a production worthy of the West End.

With an ingenious set that transported us from tavern to castle and back in the blink of an eye and the amazing score performed to perfection by the orchestra, the stage was set for a performance that was as magical as the tale itself. Dancing furniture and cooking utensils were brought to life with the help of the costume designers in our amazingly talented textiles department and some superb character acting and singing. Dance routines were beautifully choreographed, filling the stage with energetic movement and capturing the real joy of the production.

The show’s Director and Head of Drama, Leighton Martin, said: “We had no idea when we applied for the rights to perform the show that ‘Beauty and the Beast’ would have become headline news during production week. Our students have produced outstanding performances for three sold-out audiences and we couldn’t be prouder!”

Musical Director Stephen Willis added: “It’s a daunting challenge to take on a musical of this complexity – even without the added pressure of a major film adaptation opening the same weekend – but we have certainly given Disney a run for its money!”

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