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¡Bailemos! Un día fascinante de Flamenco

We really enjoyed the Flamenco Workshop because we love learning about the Spanish culture and where Flamenco originated from. In one of the workshops, we learned body-percussion moves with our hands and feet and how important the rhythms are. It was very exciting when we got to use the Flamenco drum, or 'cajón', in another workshop.

The dancers that came and taught us were very friendly and made the whole experience very enjoyable and memorable. We liked wearing the accessories, the 'flecos' and 'mantones' and by the end we felt like real Flamenco dancers. It was very interesting to learn more about the background of Flamenco and how it comes from Southern Spain, Andalucía, and brought over by Indian gypsies, which was not what we would have thought.

The performance and quick dances at the beginning were very intense but very cool. It was very interesting to learn that in this dance, the dancer controls the music when played live and it can be improvised but following certain rules. The whole workshop experience was fantastic and we would definitely recommend it as it was brilliant.

By Finia and Daisy (Upper IV)

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