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Abbey students swap Reading rain for Italian sun

Over the half-term break, Abbey students swapped the drizzly Reading rain for an Italian adventure in the sun.

A selection of pupils from Lower and Upper V spent five action-packed days in the Bay of Naples on a trip with the Abbey Classics and Food departments. They really made the most of their time on the trip, meeting at 2.30am to catch an early flight.

The group was based in picturesque Sorrento, but travelled out to spend a day in the ruins of Pompeii. This was an eye-opening experience for the girls. They even learned how the archaeologists made plaster casts of the bodies in the city. Lower V pupil Hannah was fascinated to be “stepping in Caecilius’ footsteps”, whilst Beth said it would make her lessons more fun to be able to say “I’ve been there” whilst discussing various aspects of Pompeii and Naples. Many of the girls said that Mount Vesuvius was their favourite part of the trip.

A scavenger hunt around the Naples Museum of Archaeology enabled the pupils to discover some amazing statues and beautiful paintings, and they were especially impressed with an exhibition detailing the influence that humans have on the planet; everybody was surprised to see how human actions really do affect the Earth.

A trip to Italy can’t take place without a mention of the wonderful Italian food. The students learned more about the origin of food in Italy, and how important taste is. They visited an orange and lemon farm, and even got to experience a mozzarella-making demonstration.

Abbey students don’t just sit back and watch though; they like to join in! Luckily, the girls had the opportunity to make traditional pizza dough and lemon gelato, as well as to sample some limoncello-flavoured foods. From the hands-on activities to the authentic Italian food markets, this trip was certainly a journey of discovery for the taste-buds - bellissima!

The trip’s activities weren’t all historical, as both students and staff engaged in a heated bowling match to wind down. Miss Butler had some impressive skills, and beat the rest of the teachers with ease!

Whilst staying in Italy, some of the girls put together a daily blog. You can read this here.

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