Senior School News

The Abbey’s Drama Department put on an outstanding production of “The Canterbury Tales” at Reading’s South Street Arts Theatre as part of our Festival of Performing Arts. As the actors did their best to reanimate a deceased Geoffrey Chaucer, the Tales unfolded with a delicious balance of irreverent humour and innuendo, carried along by superbly energetic performances. The audience became part of the show as various members were called upon to help keep Geoffrey alive and perform ceremonial duties. There were exceptional performances throughout the cast, from the flamboyant Wife of Bath to the endearingly chauvinist Sir Codsbrain and the darkly humorous Pardoner. There was an overwhelmingly positive response from an audience of peers, parents and teachers as they enjoyed the raucous evening’s entertainment at our ‘home away from home’ South Streets Arts Centre. The girls taking part had an absolute blast, enthusing particularly about the comedic nature of the play, the opportunity to work with girls from other year groups and how exciting it is to work in a professional theatre, away from school.Check out more (downloadable) photos of the show here.

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