Pause 4 Thought

Love your neighbour as yourself. - Mark 12

As preparations for Christmas get underway, thoughts inevitably turn to presents. In assembly I reminded the girls that they should think about what presents they could give - as well as those they would like to receive!

We all agreed that the chocolates, necklace and shiny red wrapped presents would make fine gifts for their parents or other adult relations. I then showed them alternative options - a clock, a basket of dirty washing and something invisible. We went on to discuss how the clock represented time that they could share with a relative (perhaps an elderly one); the washing could be a promise to do a household chore to help. ‘Something invisible’ - was love and hugs.

Whilst we could dismiss these ideas as being slightly ‘corny’ perhaps, I feel it is important that our young people see that the meaningful adults in their lives place value on things such as care, companionship, affection, thoughtfulness etc - for me, time with my children trumps presents every time. Interestingly, the present I most clearly remember giving my own mother, was a letter inviting her to come with me to the cinema to see a film I knew she wanted to go to - we went, and I believe she paid! The point being, that it was my thought to spend time with her in a way that would bring her pleasure, that mattered. The miracle here is that of all the thousands of presents I have given during my life, this is one that also brought me huge joy - and continues to do so 50 years later.

Have a good weekend.

Mrs D-C

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