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Love recognises no barriers - Maya Angelou

This week we focused on those we love - in Reading, in the UK and around the world. As we approach the Christmas season, we noted that all faiths exhort us to love one another. The children shared some of the people they love across the globe, and why. Reasons varied from - ‘Because they’re always there for me’, to ‘he makes me laugh’ - and ‘they give me sweets’!

We also considered the words often read at weddings, from 1 Corinthians 13, and how it might be exhibited in school:

‘Of course I’ll wait for you.’

  • Love is patient

‘You can have my last Starburst.’…

  • Love is kind

‘It’s not fair. Mrs D-C should have picked me not her.’

  • Love is not jealous

‘I’m the best at spelling in the whole school!’…

  • Love doesn’t boast

‘Shut up! Get out of my way!’…

  • Love is not rude

‘I’m going to keep this whole bag of sweets to myself.’…

  • Love is not selfish

‘I remember all the horrible things she said to me last year.’ …

  • Love does not keep a score of all the wrong things people do

‘Have you heard what she did? You’ll never guess! I heard it from Jane and she heard it from Mary and she heard it from Jemima…’

  • Love likes the truth

‘Yes, we’ll have Dora on our team, even if she can’t play very well.’…

  • Love patiently accepts all things

‘I know you’re always there for me.’…

  • Love trusts, hopes and is strong

This afternoon, Upper I kicked off the Christmas celebrations at The Junior School with their fabulous production of ‘Cinderella and Rockerfella’. I hope to see many of you at the various events we have taking place during the last few weeks of term.

Have a good weekend.

Mrs D-C

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