Pause 4 Thought
  • 21/06/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 21 June 2019

    This week we considered the importance of respect for the rule of law and how laws evolve to suit the times.

  • 14/06/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 14 June 2019

    This week we looked at the differences and similarities between people, and how that relates to respect. Underneath we have much in common with each other, and our experience of being human is far more similar than it is different.

  • 07/06/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 7 June 2019

    Focusing on the importance of respect, across our community, therefore seems timely, and will hopefully enable everyone to enjoy this special time in the academic year.

  • 24/05/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 24 May 2019

    In assembly this Monday I thought it important that the girls heard first hand just how rewarding work can be. Mrs Kulley’s first career aspiration was to ‘be a mermaid’ but over time this evolved, and she now works in a Finance Team.

  • 17/05/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 17 May 2019

    In assembly this week we looked at the changing role of women in the workplace, and how the last century has seen women embrace opportunities and contribute to the wider world.

  • 09/05/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 10 May 2019

    Over the last few years, more people have become aware of the concept of ‘flow’ or of being ‘in the zone’. Whilst often associated with sport, creative arts, reading etc, it can be experienced during any activity, as long as the situation is optimal.

  • 03/05/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 3 May 2019

    This week we considered what distinguishes work and play, and concluded that it is not straightforward, nor can it be determined purely by looking at the activity.

  • 05/04/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 5 April 2019

    This has been an unusually long Spring Term, due to the lateness of Easter this year. One of the upsides is that we have been able to celebrate Easter and Spring with a wealth of flowers and new growth all around us.

  • 29/03/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 29 March 2019

    The more you know of your history, the more liberated you are. The Junior School take a look at heritage and the role played by those who shape us.

  • 22/03/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 22 March 2019

    Continuing to consider our heritage, this week we have considered our individual stories and narratives.