Pause 4 Thought
  • 22/03/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 22 March 2019

    Continuing to consider our heritage, this week we have considered our individual stories and narratives.

  • 15/03/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 15 March 2019

    ​This week we have moved on to look at Heritage and the role it plays in our lives. At The Abbey we are fortunate in being a community in which many different cultural heritages are represented - and we are very much the richer for it.

  • 08/03/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 8 March 2019

    It is our thoughts that largely determine our experiences in life, rather than the events per se. Therefore we can identify and modify our thinking (and subsequent behaviour) to help us achieve our goals and live happy and purposeful lives.

  • 07/03/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 1 March 2019

    ​This week we have been considering how we can harness our brain power effectively. With so much potential, we need to be able to ‘regulate’ our selves - our thinking and our emotions.

  • 14/02/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 14 February 2019

    This year we are placing a particular focus on developing the girls’ (and our own) capacity to ‘think about thinking’ - or metacognition.

  • 08/02/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 8 February 2019

    Having a sense of perspective requires us often to stand back, put aside preconceptions and keep an open mind.

  • 01/02/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 1 February 2019

    This week we have been considering the importance of recognising that we can all take differing, and valid, perspectives on a situation. We give different meanings, according to our belief systems, and how we are affected by the event.

  • 25/01/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 25 January 2019

    Today the school was full of people wearing jazzy trousers and drinking tea - all in the interests of reminding ourselves to keep a sense of perspective at this dark time of the year, and acknowledge how lucky we are.

  • 18/01/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 18 January 2019

    Sometimes we need to change our perspective to such an extent that we cease focusing on what we are aiming to do.

  • 11/01/19

    Pause 4 Thought - 11 January 2019

    When considering our New Year’s Resolutions I was impressed by the thought that many of the girls had put into theirs - ‘procrastinating less’, ‘trying not to fight with my brother’, ‘managing my homework planning’ - to name but a few.