A Level results 2020

Will le Fleming, Head:

“We are very proud of the results attained by all our students. We are pleased that in the great majority of cases our students’ hard work and dedication during their time at The Abbey has been recognised in the standardisation process and we congratulate them as they continue their learning journey at leading universities around the UK.

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Junior School News

Upper Prep are the new eco-warriors of the future!

Sustainable living was the topic of the day for our Upper Prep pupils as they learned about the importance of reusing and recycling at a workshop with Zero Waste Life.

The workshop, intriguingly named ‘Plastic Soup’ to describe the rising amount of plastic in the ocean, was run by Charlotte from Zero Waste Life – she herself lives a zero waste lifestyle, meaning that she sends virtually nothing to landfill. This was a new concept for the girls, who had lots of questions!

They spent the day participating in a range of fun activities, from a recycling relay race, to the Vegetable Olympics. They also had the opportunity to discuss the wider issues of sustainability and being environmentally conscious. One such activity involved examining a range of materials such as tin cans and cardboard egg boxes, and working out how best to reuse them in everyday life, which would avoid sending them to landfill. The pupils had lots of interesting new suggestions, such as making tooth brush holders out of glass jam jars.

Last year, every class was challenged to make a change – one group campaigned to remove the plastic water bottles from the school pack lunches, and succeeded! The Abbey is always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment, and it was very impressive that the girls initiated this positive change.

The ‘Plastic Soup’ workshop leads on to the Upper Prep humanities focus for this half-term: A Sustainable World. As part of the day, the pupils discussed ways of helping to solve the wider problem of sustainability, and tried to think of how they can make an impact on a personal level, as well as how society needs to make changes on a more global scale. This will be expanded on over the next few weeks in class.

It was a fun-filled day, and the girls came away from it laughing and smiling, but more aware of how their actions can affect the environment. We are hoping to see more exciting eco-friendly initiatives from them in the future!

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