Junior School News

Having studied rainforests this term, the girls in Upper I enjoyed visiting Kew Gardens last Friday, getting to see many exotic plants up close. In the Princess of Wales Conservatory, the artificial climate allowed the girls to experience the humidity of a tropical environment, where they were particularly drawn to the carnivorous plants! They also got to walk inside ‘The Hive’, a large structure designed to look and sound like an actual bee-hive.

A guided tour in Palm House, an enormous glasshouse, allowed both classes to imagine they were explorers, appreciating the important role that nature plays in providing medicine. The girls asked many questions and had the chance to smell spices, identify exotic fruit and, most importantly, gain an insight into just how tall the layers of the rainforest actually are. A sense of awe and wonder was palpable; by the end of the trip many of the girls had become budding botanists, discussing the vast number of plants they had seen across the day.

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