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As the first half term came to a close the Junior School was transformed for our Victorian Day as part of the 130th anniversary celebrations.

Greeted by desks set up in straight lines and teachers in full Victorian attire (and character!), pupils arrived in an array of mop caps, smocks and pinafores to experience a taste of life in a Victorian School House.

The day began with a formal address by Mrs Dick-Cleland and hymn practice followed by hand inspections and drill in the playground. In classrooms, some teachers provided ‘chalk and slate’ instead of pen and paper and technology was definitely off the cards. Old fashioned rote learning was in practice in Maths and in PE and the playground the girls experienced traditional Victorian games such as “Oh Queen!”, Cat’s Cradle, Hoop rolling and marbles.

The catering department also played along with chunks of bread provided at breaktime and a traditional roast and steamed pudding for lunch.

The humble potato was the inspiration provided to the girls for Art and Creative Writing. Some imaginative work was produced including this fun collaborative poem from our Nursery girls.

The Potato

Is the potato delicate?
White, yellow and pink
It has lots of big spots and little, brown spots
We love the potato

They’re chilly when you don’t cook them
Soft and dirty
Hard and not very squishy
We love the potato

They grow in the soil
Bigger, bigger, bigger
Then go in the box and go to the shop
We love the potato

You can cook them in the oven
Mummy cooks them on the gas
You need to wash them when you cook them
We love the potato

They taste sweet
They taste yummy
They make squashy mash
We love the potato

Are there chips inside?

All together pupils and staff had an enjoyable day and gained a renewed appreciation for their modern day school!

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