Junior School News

Snowy and Tornado the Reindeer Visit The Abbey

What better way of brightening up a Monday morning than learning of a surprise visit from two of Santa’s helpers?

On Monday morning, the Junior School received news that Snowy and Tornado the reindeer had flown down for a visit and were very eager to meet the girls. After making their introductions in assembly, Snowy and Tornado made their way outside, stopping for a nibble on the playground grass on the way! Each year group were given some time with the reindeer and their handlers where they learned about their insulated fur, the clicking noise their knees make when they walk so they can hear each other coming, their predators, the yearly re-growth of their antlers and much more. They then had the opportunity to feed the reindeer, a particular highlight for both girls and staff! Thank you to Riverways Farm for creating such a memorable day.

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