Junior School News

This week, Lower III delved into the world of Shakespearean comedy and language with a performance and workshop based on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. The interactive performance included many of the girls as cast members, each taking their turn to tackle characterisation of the many intriguing characters. A particular highlight was Desola’s performance as Thisbe, ending in her very dramatic ‘death’.

The performance was followed by two workshops which initiated the girls into the art of stage fighting and Shakespearean insults. They broke down the language line-by-line, bringing the words to life through movement and gestures – a great way to help understand the complex language. The workshops concluded with a simplified interpretation of the play, each small group taking on important segments. The segments were performed in a carousel, incorporating slow motion, rewind and fast forward techniques, making for a modern and unique adaptation of the tale – an exciting approach to ‘Shake-up Shakespeare’.

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