Junior School News

The falling rain outside added to the atmosphere as our Junior musicians put on a concert for parents and friends. It was a wonderful chance to hear our ensembles perform the pieces that they’ve been working hard to perfect. We heard from the flute ensemble, Clarinet/Saxophone ensemble, string ensemble, guitar ensemble, harp ensemble and the full orchestra, in all cases producing lovely sounds.

Performance is an important aspect of the joy of music and our pupils’ concerts are an excellent opportunity for girls to perform individually on instruments that they learn both within and outside school. Whether they’ve been learning for a few weeks or months, or for many years, they all have the chance to take part. Our individual performances ranged from piano, violin and voice to harp, bassoon, trombone, oboe and the double bass – very much demonstrating the huge variety of instruments played by the girls. Each performer showed poise and professionalism and were a delight to hear.

The final individual piece, performed on piano by Abigail, was fittingly titled “Orage” and certainly lent a dramatic atmosphere to the heavy rain outside. Congratulations to all our performers, it was a marvellous musical evening!

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