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Our Nursery and Reception girls had an important message to tell in their wonderful Christmas performance of 'The Gigantic Star'. The Nativity story was woven around the tale of a rather large, rather embarrassed star, who wished she could just be the same as all the other, smaller stars. However, as the Nativity story unfolded, it became clear that this star had a very important part to play. She was present when the angels appeared to the shepherds, she was a guide to the wise men who followed her light to Bethlehem and, most important of all, it was her brightness shining over the stable that showed the shepherds and wise men where to find Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. The star’s difference, which initially so embarrassed her, was what ultimately made her so special. The takeaway for all was clear: be yourself, and value your individual quirks and characteristics, for these are what make us unique and what often turn out to be our biggest strengths. 

The girls performed brilliantly, combining song and dance in a wonderfully heart-warming production, leaving all in high spirits as we enter the final weeks of term.

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