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The Abbey has unveiled its new uniform to pupils, parents and staff at a series of fashion shows. Developed following an 18 month design and consultation period with providers School Blazer, the uniform respects The Abbey’s 129 year heritage while meeting the needs of today’s pupils in terms of fit, style and durability.

The uniform was modelled by current pupils – all of whom had been sworn to secrecy before the launch. They enjoyed their moment on the catwalk as the “big reveal” took place. The majority of pupils were pleased to see that the Abbey’s signature green remains the dominant colour, now accented with a royal purple and incorporating a bespoke tartan in the Junior School. Also unveiled was new sports kit, which uses state of the art technical fabrics to guarantee warmth, breathability and comfort. The hooped socks have proved particularly popular.

The uniform will be introduced on a phased basis, with all new pupils in September 2016 wearing it, while existing pupils will be expected to have made the transition by September 2017. To ease the transition School Blazer will be offering a free delivery period from 26 June – 10 July inclusive.

More information about the new uniform can be found here.

Photos from the uniform launch shows can be found here.

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